What's New:

  • Register for the Winter Warrior Challenge, whcih starts Nov. 28. Bundle up and win prizes from local bike shops and more!
  • Join Bike Friends at the University of Iowa! Rides are Sundays at 4 p.m. See their Facebook page for more information.


Why Bike on Campus?

Biking is one of the most reliable and environmentally-friendly ways to travel around the University of Iowa. When you ride your bicycle to work or class, you reduce traffic and save money.

Commuting by bicycle is a fast and efficient way to navigate the University of Iowa’s 1,700 acre campus. It’s often the quickest and most convenient way around the Iowa City/Coralville area as well.

The University of Iowa encourages bicycling as a safe, healthy and viable form of transportation. Always remember to wear a helmet and follow all Iowa City bicycle laws and regulations.

Smart Biking

Bicycle riders should follow the rules of the road along with motor vehicles. Adhering to the laws protects you and other motorists. Remember these tips for everyone’s safety:

  • Wear a bicycle helmet
  • Respect the pedestrian right of way
  • Anticipate conflict
  • Follow the traffic laws
  • Share the road and walkways

There are lots of great tips to make the most of your ride. Whether you're a racer, a commuter or a leisure rider, check out these cycling tips.


  • BIKE QUIZ: take this quiz to test your knowledge about bike safety and get a coupon for a discount at local bike shops!

  • Helmets are necessary for bicycle safety. As part of the Well On Our Way program at UI Wellness, faculty and staff can earn points towards a free bike helmet. The University of Iowa Children’s Hospital Safety Store offers reduced price helmets for kids and adults.
  • Riding through busy intersections can be scary. Here are some tips for high-traffic intersections.
  • It's easy to forget that braking can be just as dangerous as riding. Make sure you know how to brake safely.
  • See these videos from the League of American Bicyclists that show techniques for improving your ride, your rights as a bicyclist and how to ride safely on the road. See also this video for more safety tips

Biking Rules and Regulations

Preventing Theft

Parking on Campus

Bicyclists should always use bicycle racks to protect property, pedestrians and access to University facilities. Bikes shouldn’t be parked inside University buildings, or attached or rested against trees, signs, handrails, handicap parking meters, or street furniture- you could be cited for violating these regulations. | Learn More >

  • See this interactive map of bike rack locations on campus and in downtown Iowa City. The map also shows bike lockers, paths, sharrows, and fix-it stations.
  • See ThinkBicycles.org for a list of covered bike parking areas.

Registering Your Bicycle

Bicycle registration is voluntary for all staff, students, faculty, and general public who ride and park on the University of Iowa campus. Registration offers the following advantages:

  • Unregistered bicycles could be immobilized or impounded for all parking violations
  • Registration serves as a deterrent to theft
  • Registration assists in the identification of lost or stolen bicycles
  • It allows the University to better plan for improved bicycle parking and operation on campus


Local Bike Resources

The Think Bicycles Coalition of Johnson County links cyclists and bicycling groups with city, county and state officials to foster and expand all aspects of bicycling in Johnson County. Think Bicycles seeks to educate all roadway users, to expand cycling infrastructure, to increase access to transportation and recreational trails, and to encourage community members to ride bicycles.

ThinkBicycles.org has a extensive listing of bicycle resources in Johnson County, including:

The Iowa City Bike Library is a non-profit bike library program, which also rent-a-bench for people to work on their own bikes and donate parts and accessories. It also offers bicycle maintenance classes and resources.

Other Resources

  • Rentals are available on a daily basis at the Recreational Services Outdoor Rental Center
  • Classes and trips are also offered though Recreational Services and in the community.
  • The Iowa Bicycle Coalition promotes cycling as safe and enjoyable recreation and transportation. The non-profit group was launched by bicycling advocates from across Iowa and unites the voices of road riders, mountain bikers, recreation riders, commuters, and anyone else who prefers a bicycle for recreation and transportation.
  • University of Iowa's Bicycle Commuter Guide and Map of Bike Racks